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Home of the NSF-IGERT Program: ConvEne — Conversion of Energy Through Molecular Platforms — Faculty

Ram Seshadri Materials, DCB PI Inorganic materials synthesis
Craig Hawker Materials, DCB co-PI Organic materials synthesis
Dorothy Pak MRL co-PI Education and outreach
Susannah Scott Chem. Engg., DCB co-PI Catalysis and surface science
Fred Wudl DCB, Materials co-PI Organic electronics, materials synthesis
Gui Bazan Materials, DCB Advisor Organic electronics, materials synthesis
Michael ChabinycMaterials Advisor Organic electronics
Brad Chmelka Chem. Engg. Advisor Catalysis, spectroscopy
Magali Delmas Bren Advisor Economics, regulation
Peter Ford DCB Advisor Molecular inorganic chemistry, catalysis
Fiona Goodchild CNSI Advisor Education and outreach
Gary Hansen TMP Advisor Entrepreneurial training
Alan J. Heeger Physics, Materials Advisor Device physics
Matthew Kotchen Bren Advisor Economics and Energy
Gary Libecap Bren Advisor Economics and regulation
Eric McFarland Chem. Engg. Advisor Catalysis, combinatorics
Thuc-Quyen Nguyen DCB Advisor Organic electronics
Galen Stucky DCB, Materials Advisor Inorganic materials, catalysis
Chris Van De Walle Materials Advisor Materials theory

DCB = Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCSB
MRL = Materials Research Laboratory
CNSI = California NanoSystems Institute
BREN = Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
TMP = Technology Management Program