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Home of the NSF-IGERT Program: ConvEne — Conversion of Energy Through Molecular Platforms — Trainees

2013 Fellows

Megan Butala (Materials)
BS Materials Engineering, Cal Poly
Developing battery materials
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Justin Poelma (Materials)
BS Polymer Science, Univesity of Southern Mississippi
Block copolymers
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2012 Fellows

Joe Bergesen (Bren)
BS Phys., UCSB
Life-cycle analysis
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Meredith Crisalli (DCB)
BA Chemistry, Willamette University
Metal-centered salen compounds for photoactive release of NO
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Brenden McDearmon (Materials)
BS Biomedical Engineering, Washington Univesity
Polymer chemistry/materials
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Kim See (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines
Conversion reaction batteries
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2011 Fellows

Kristin Denault (Materials)
BS Mat. Sci. Engg., Rutgers
Phosphors for solid-state lighting
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Jason Douglas (Materials)
BS Mat. Sci. Engg., MIT
Magnetic and thermolectric intermetallic compounds
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Anne Glaudell (Materials)
BS Physics, UIUC
Organic thermoelectrics
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Michele Guide (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Barnard
Organic photovoltaic devices
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Louis Jones (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg., UC Berkeley
Nanoparticles for catalysis
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Nirala Singh (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg., University of Michigan
Heterogeneous catalysys
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Cynthia Wang
BS Bioengineering, UCLA
Multi-functional materials for controlled delivery systems
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2010 Fellows

Kate Barteau (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg., Princeton University
Materials for Li-ion batteries
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Peter Burks (DCB)
BS Chemistry, UCSB
Nanoparticles for drug delivery
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Nathan George (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg. Colorado School of Mines
Phosphors for solid state lighting
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Lauren Misch (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Indiana University
Research on heterogeneous catalysis
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Louis Perez (Materials)
BS Materials, University of Florida
Organic photovoltaics
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Bethany Wiggington (DCB)
BS Chemistry, U. Georgia
Heterogeneous Catalysys
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2009 Fellows

J. J. Cowart (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Univerity of Florida
Research on organic photovoltaics
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Natalija Glusac (Bren)
BA Business Economics, UCSB
Research on
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Justin Jahnke (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg., Princeton
Research on
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Lauren White (DCB)
BS Chemistry and Environmental Science, Texas A&M
Research on metal oxide nanowire catalysts
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2008 Fellows

Ryan Davis (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Central Washington University
Research on automotive catalysis
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James Rogers (Materials)
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Research on organic photovoltaics
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Alan Derk (Chem. Engg)
BS Chem. Engg. (CU Boulder)
Heterogeneous catalysis
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Kaila Mattson (Chemistry)
BS Chem., University of Southern Alabama
Materials and sythetic chemistry
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Chris Guo (Bren)
BA Economics, Harvard University
Research on climate change and economic policy
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Julie Heinecke (DCB)
BS Chemistry, Virginia Tech.

Nick Hight-Huf (DCB)
BS Chemistry, University of New Hampshire

Jasmine Hunt (DCB)
BS Chemistry and Religious Studies, Washington University
Currently a congressional aid in DC, and AAAS Fellow.

Josh Kurzman (DCB)
BS Chemistry (Reed College)
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Alexis Ostrowski (DCB)
BA Chemistry, Occidental College
Currently a post doctoral fellow at the Molecular Foundry.

Toan Pho (DCB)
BA Chemistry, Amherst College
Research on organic photovoltaics and light emitters
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Jake Richardson (Materials)
BS Materials, University of Arizona
A post doc at UCSB, and starting a new venture.

Trenton Tovar (Chem. Engg.)
BS Chem. Engg., NC State

Neil Treat (Materials)
BS, Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Southern Mississippi
Research on organic photovoltaics
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Bright Walker (DCB)
BS, Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
Research on small molecule semiconductors
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